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    Students Service Department - Webinar for Pinewood parents

    Student Service Department is delighted to invite pinewood parents to the first Webinar, organized by the Student Services, on Tuesday, April 14, at 19:00. 

    We join our powers and knowledge in order to support and inform each other! 

    So, sign-up for an exciting, interactive and informative webinar here.


    We would like to offer our community a chance to consider some practical ways of:

    1. Enhancing social-emotional development & self-esteem while being at home

    2. Creating a Designated Study Zone (DSZ) for your child and use productive study skills

    3. Establishing a school-day educational schedule (time-management & re-establishing a routine) 

    4. Managing online time 

    The specific topics were selected based on our experience, over the last month on virtual learning and support. 

    This webinar will include Q&A and the possibility of follow-up sessions. 

    Looking forward to seeing you all there!