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    Students Service Department - Recorded Webinar for Pinewood parents

    Dear Pinewood community,


    In this link, you can find the recording of the webinar, delivered by the Student Services, on April 14. The webinar focused on the current situation. More specifically, we covered the following topics: 


    1. Enhancing social-emotional development & self-esteem while being at home
    2. Creating a Designated Study Zone (DSZ) for your child and using productive study skills
    3. Establishing a school-day educational schedule (time-management & re-establishing a routine)
    4. Managing online time   


    In this link, you can download the webinar: https://we.tl/t-XnwwGi236w 

    We are in the process of organizing a second webinar. Therefore, we would like to welcome your input, feedback, questions and/ or concerns in order to reflect the needs of our community!

    Please, send us an email to studentservices@pinewood-school.gr 


    We look forward to your feedback and "seeing" you virtually soon!



    Student Services Team