• Pinewood library 2

    Library & Media Center

    Welcome to our new Library/Media Center!

    We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 - 15:00. The library environment is conducive to learning, allowing students to read, research and study.  All materials may be accessed using our On-line Public Access Catalog (Destiny) throughout the school and at home.   In addition to four computers, wireless internet access and a ceiling-mounted projector, students and teachers are now able to use the library/media center as an extension of the classroom during the day.

    Need help with your homework/classroom assignments? Our librarians are here to help you find resources. The library collection is divided into two sections: Elementary and Secondary.

    Library materials may be checked out as follows:

    Elementary:  up to three books over a two week period

    Secondary:   up to five books over a two week period. Parents and students are welcome to use the library after hours.

    Article of the week:

    These articles are chosen by our librarians to be of primary interest to educators, students and parents. They are in no way intended to be didactic, political or subjective in their choice. They are simply articles of our age introducing or debating issues which are considered to be of interest to the Pinewood community.  It is hoped you will enjoy reading them.


    Articles of Interest to Educators/Parents

    • Teacher Network Review of 2012

    • Tips for parents on how to improve your child's reading in 10 minutes a day.Follow these weekly published articles.

    • Why teachers should take pride in their profession

    • The Writing Revolution

    • Students Need to Understand Computers, not just how to use them

    • Are iPads helping or harming young students?

    • Free teacher resources: A collection of the best teaching resources for teachers.

    • Re-envisioning Writing for a Networked Age

    • Khan Academy: Only half the answer

    • Learning English

    • The Upside of Dyslexia

    • Handwriting or Keyboarding? Which skill will set children up for reading acquisition and why?

    • A very interesting and well-written article which turns groupthink on its head. Is creativity realised more successfully in solitude?

    • Can your children learn how to program?

    • Let’s stop putting the burden of education improvements just on teachers. Parents play a huge role in classroom success.

    • IQ can change in teenage years

    Articles of Interest to Students

    • Guardian University Guide 2013

    • The Fastest Dying Jobs of this Generation

    • Is English or Mandarin the language of the future?

    • How to make the most of your Google search