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    Learning Support

    Our Student Support Mission

    Student Services support the enrollment, academic success and wellbeing of every student and school community member by developing their intellectual, academic, social, emotional, and moral growth. Our department aims to develop every student to lead, innovate, solve problems and contribute to the betterment of the world.

    Our Philosophy

    Our holistic school practices and approaches enable students to achieve academic, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive balance and advancement. Our Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child philosophy focuses on students, whilst addressing critical education and health outcomes, supporting students’ growth, and engaging our community.

    Whole School: Creating a positive, welcoming environment with participation in structured group activities to achieve school success.

    Whole Community: Our school is a reflection of our community, and requires community input, resources, and collaboration in order to fully support our students. Community specific needs are reflected in our school, and as such are also addressed.

    Whole Child: Students benefit from individual academic and psychological attention and supportive relationships to learn and thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.



    College Guidance:

    The role of the College Counsellor is to support students and parents with the process of exploring career options and finding universities, applying for universities and preparing for their future studies. Through the College Counselling, students receive assistance in order to prepare their Curriculum Vitae, their Personal Essays, supplementary essays, scholarships documentation and recommendation letters by teachers so as to apply to Colleges. Coordination of S.A.T., TOEFL, IELTS and relevant certificates, as well as visits of Universities Representatives is under the responsibility of the College Counsellor. When students complete the admissions for Colleges, there is supplementary support regarding preparation for registration deposit, housing profile, health forms, Student Visa application and transportation details.

    Pinewood High School Profile

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    Optimal Learning:

    The role of the Learning Specialist is to identify and support students by providing intervention and remediation; support teachers in their efforts to advance students with different learning needs within the classroom based on educational best practices; work individually and collaboratively with students, parents, and external professionals in order to better support students who experience difficulties. The Learning Specialist also ensures that each Pinewood student may learn and flourish academically, socially, and emotionally, in a nurturing, inclusive and responsive classroom and school environment, and will thus be able to reach their individual optimal educational level.


    Student Counseling:

    The School Psychologist provides support to students who are experiencing social, emotional or learning difficulties within the school setting. Parents and teachers are able to contact the School Psychologist in order to arrange a consultation and follow-up meetings. There is close collaboration with the teachers in order to improve the school life of the students. The objective of the School Psychologist is to promote the well-being of each individual, as well as their cognitive, emotional, physical and social development with the aim of enhancing the teaching and learning environment for each of them. Individual and group counseling is held on a regular basis in order to accommodate the needs of every student.

    Students who are residing at the Dormitories are able to contact the School Psychologist in case they have concerns or experience difficulties.