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    English Language Learners

    At Pinewood, our English Language Learner courses are integrated seamlessly into a students weekly schedule. Childhood bilingualism is a significant experience that has the power to influence the course and efficiency of children’s development. These influences are not confined to the linguistic domain,but extend as well to non-verbal cognitive abilities. Language Learning is a natural process when children are young, and pre-school year are vital as they set the foundations for future thinking, language, attitudes, and characteristics.

    The benefits of early language learning:

    I.  Earlier is Better: Children Have a Unique Advantage in Learning a Foreign Language (Stowe & Sabourin, 2005).
    II. Foreign Language Study Increases Cognitive Abilities, Including Intellectual and Academic (Berguno & Bowler, 2004; Stewart 2005, Marcos, 2001a).    
    III. Foreign Language Study Improves Verbal Skills in English Including an Increased Language Awareness and a Larger, Richer Vocabulary (Stewart 2005).  
    IV.  Children Who Study a Foreign Language Have Higher Test Scores in English and Math than English-Only Children (Stewart 2005).