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    Boarding Facilities

    The Boarding Department, located approximately 5 kilometers from the Pinewood campus, is available for all Pinewood students in Grades 7 - 12. Maximum cooperation and communication is assured with the dormitory personnel through the appointment each year of a Dormitory Liason.
    Boarding Facilities FAQ's:

    • What is the boarding facility building like? Is it a house, hotel, office-space?
      The Boarding Facility is a relatively new building, which was purpose-built as a Dormitory for middle and high school students. It is a two-story building, with a cafeteria, a common multipurpose area, a laundry facility and a central office. All dormitory rooms are single or double occupancy.
    • What entertainment and communications are available? Is Internet access provided?
      In the common multipurpose area, students have the opportunity to watch TV, use common computers, play various games (table games, pool, table tennis, etc.). Internet is provided in all the areas on campus and the older students.
    • Are weekend and after-school activities planned and, if so, what would they be?
      The students may participate in the Pinewood After School Activities program which offers a wide range of activities for all students. Upon return to the dormitory each week day, students sit for study hours to finish their homework. They may also use all the facilities on the campus (2 libraries, athletic facilities that include basketball, soccer, work out room, dance room). Weekend activities are organized occasionally, but not on an every weekend.
    • What is the supervision like? Are the students largely on their own or is there a more defined structure?
      In addition to the Dormitory Director (who lives next to the building), a doctor is available at any time, a nurse lives in the facility and at least two interns (graduates from American University who take a year abroad) are on duty. There is a duty roster with all the above and other adults/teachers who supervise the students daily.
    • What are the rooms like? Are there roommates and how many and would they be of a similar age?
      Student rooms are double and single occupancy, all with individual bathrooms. Older students have priority for single rooms. We always try to pair students of the same or similar age together as roommates.
    • What are the types of meals provided? Is a menu available?
      The meals are of excellent quality and fresh ingredients, cooked and serviced on site by experienced personnel. It is mainly Greek cuisine, but includes a small variety of international food choices. In addition, we take into consideration special dietary needs and preferences within reason. 
    • What is the general, daily schedule for boarding students?
      The students wake up at 7.15, prepare for school, have a hearty breakfast and prepare a snack for the school, take the bus and within 10-12 minutes, they are at Pinewood. At school, they have their daily classes and after school activities, return for lunch, study, rest, have dinner, study or play (depending on the grade and the amount of homework) and return to their rooms at 23:00 to rest and sleep.
    • What housekeeping duties and other chores are expected of the boarders?
      There is an organized housekeeping personnel who clean the rooms and the common areas daily. Student are required only to keep their rooms tidy.
    • How are boarders expected to handle laundry?
      There is a laundry facility in the building where students use free washers and dryers for their personal laundry.
    • How does the boarding facility operate during long school-holidays?
      During the 1-3 day holidays or long weekends, the dormitory operates regularly as in every other weekend. During the Winter and Spring Breaks, students return to their homes with their parents. They may not remain in the dormitory during the long breaks. In extreme situations, arrangements can be made for the students to stay with a host family during the long holiday breaks if one is available.
    For more information about the Boarding facilities, please contact:
    administration@pinewood.gr or Tel: (0030) 2310 301 221