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    High School Division

    Students in grades 9 through 12 select courses during the spring prior to the upcoming academic year. Guidance for the yearly course selections and the development of student four-year plans is provided by the school in cooperation with the parents and teachers. 

    Pinewood students in grades 11-12 have the choice between the following courses of study:

    1.   Full IB Diploma Program

    2.   IB Diploma Courses and American High School Diploma Combined

    3.   American High School Diploma

    Read more about our I.B. Diploma Program


    How we assess our students:

    Aswell as school grades, the HAL (Habits & Attitudes to Learning) rubric identifies many of the dispositions and approaches to learning that students need to develop if they are to cultivate a growth mindset and become independent lifelong learners. It is used by teachers for assigning a habits and attitudes to learning grade (from 1-7). Students can also
    use the rubric to self-assess or set personal growth goals.


    Courses offered:

    Grade 9 Grade 10



    World History I


    Modern Greek



    English as a Second Language

    Information Technology

    Art Through the Ages II

    Physical Education



    Pre-Calculus/Algebra II

    World History II


    Modern Greek



    English as a Second Language

    Information Technology

    Physics or Visual Arts & Dance

    Physical Education

    Grade 11 & 12    

    IB English A Language & Literature

    English Language & Composition

    IB English B HL

    English as a Second Language

    Natural Sciences

    IB Biology 

    IB Chemistry

    IB Environmental Systems & Societies SL

    IB Physics 

    Integrated Science


    World Language

    IB Modern Greek Language & Literature

    Modern Greek for international students

    French (ab initio, B SL/HL)

    Spanish (ab initio, B SL/HL)


    IB Mathematics

    IB Mathematical Studies SL

    Integrated Mathematics


    Social Sciences

    IB Business & Management (SL/HL)

    IB Economics (SL/HL)

    IB History (SL/HL)

    IB Psychology (SL/HL)

    The Arts

    IB Dance (SL/HL)

    IB Visual Arts (SL/HL)

    Physical Education